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What can High Performance Coaching Help Me With?
High Performance Coaching is about helping you achieve your full potential across all spectrums of your life. It will help you to find out your vision and life goals, explore your motivation and what is blocking you, and then build a set of habits and tools that will lead you to become the best you can be.
What's the difference between High Performance Coaching and a Life Coach?
As a High Performance coach, I will work with you across all aspects of your life, on a personal level, in business and in family relationships.  By truly drilling down into who you are an how you approach everything you do and every relationship that you have it is possible to achieve high performance everywhere. The coaching program will take you through a scientifically proven set of steps and exercises to find your goal and performance necessity, and instil the energy and habits you need to achieve it.
How do I find the right coach?
It is important to find a coach who matches your needs. Are you prepared and ready to do the work to commit to the actions needed to get the results from your coach. Have you checked the references and qualifications of the coach. I have many clients who would be happy to talk to you about the process and what they gained from High Performance Coaching. Ultimately it will come down to how comfortable you feel with your coach and their ability to challenge and communicate with you on your level. That is why I offer a no questions asked Refund should you decide that the process is not right for you within the first two sessions.
Who might need a business coach?
Imagine a world famous sportsman without a coach… It’s pretty inconceivable!

In fact there is usually a whole team behind most elite athletes; a technical coach, a mental coach, a physical coach, a strategist the list goes on.  If you want to deliver at the top level, the evidence is clear, you need a coach.

In business there is the same pressure to deliver, each and every day, with less time to practice, to consult, reflect or learn. So the need for a coach to support you, to help you extract and apply all your learnings, so that you are ready to perform the next day at an even greater level is obvious, right? Let’s get started….

What's the difference between coaching and consulting?
With coaching you walk away with the strategies for uncovering your own truth for yourself. Consulting is a subject matter expert that tells you specifically what to do.

Consider learning to ride a bicycle….

A consultant would get on the bicycle, show you how to pedal and then write you a “how to” manual and leave you to do it.

A Coach would put you on the bicycle walk alongside you and guide you through the process until you were comfortable enough to do it on your own.

Is it important to have a Certified Coach?
As a Coach who has been certified, I not only know the theory from the books but have also been taken through a practical process working with clients in a learning environment and alongside other professionals to ensure that I was fully ready to help you long before I started my own practice. Studies show that coaches with formal credentials produce better results with their clients and are more confident in the coaching work that they do.
What is the difference between coaching and therapy or counselling?
In general Counsellors or Therapists are trained to help clients with emotional issues, the past, or dysfunction, whilst coaches focus on the present and the future. If a client has a block that is preventing them to move forwards I would always recommend that they seek professional help to address the related issue before continuing with coaching.
How long do clients typically work with a coach?
I operate a 12 week basic program that has been scientifically proven to produce results. Building habit stacks, and uncovering your purpose and clarity takes time to move from the “ah ha” moment to everyday practice, and it has been found that 12 weeks is the minimum time for this. However I do have some clients that have worked with me for over a year, and many clients who come back regularly for refreshers.
What are the benefits of coaching?
Coaching is a participation sport which increases engagement and learning, allowing people to adopt new habits more easily. Benefits to coaching include:

  • increased openness to learning and personal development
  • improved ability to identify solutions and approach problems from a positive perspective
  • greater ownership and responsibility
  • greater clarity and energy
  • higher productivity and organisational ability
  • improved communication skills and social awareness (EI)

What you put in will be what you get out. Are you ready to commit and take action? If so lets talk…

What results can I expect?
Success from coaching is knowing that you have made the effort to become the best of which you are capable. That is my mission for every client I engage with.
Will you tell me what to do?
A good coach is a “compassionate but unreasonable friend!” I will always be in your corner with your interests at heart, whilst doing and saying whatever is necessary to get you to become the best that you can be.
Are there any guarantees?
A “Lifetime Guarantee” is one of my favourite sales jokes, as no one ever defines what lifetime is being discussed!

I like to be more transparent. I offer a two week Money Back Guarantee, such that if in the first two sessions you decide the programme isn’t for you I will refund the remaining 10 sessions no questions asked.

How can I be sure my information is confidential?
Confidentiality isn’t just a tacit promise from me, it is at the heart of my engagement with you. My clients are provided with an introductory package which includes a full breakdown of  confidentiality terms so that everyone knows where they stand.

When providing team coaching for corporate clients I always undertake to discuss with the client how they think opening up with their corporate sponsor may be able to help them achieve their potential objectives. In addition I have preliminary discussions with the sponsor ahead of the program to ascertain their objectives and the organisation’s values so that these can be incorporated into the individual coaching sessions where appropriate.

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